It’s here, dearest friends! When Jasmine Blooms is out in the world! This is my 11th novel, and it’s a special one. With this book, I explored grief and healing. And with this book, I hope that it still leaves you with a hopeful feeling.

In every book I write, the hopeful ending is super important to me. With my romance novels, the happily ever after (HEA) is that much more paramount. But with my contemporary book club books, in my style of writing, there is more for me to explore, and I can push the envelope on what hopeful means. It allows for me to get into the space of those moments in our lives when hopeful is glorious and though not always perfect, with the idea that there is more improvement on the horizon.

In the description of the novel, you will see references to Marmee of Little Women. There is a greater association, in my mind, with Celine to Abigail Alcott, who is the inspiration for Marmee. In reading about Abigail and what she endured as a mother of four, a mother who has dealt with loss, and a wife to a man who seemed to belong to the world more than he did to her, I knew I had to write about her. But I wanted to place to explore who she was in contemporary times. In our time of social media, of expectations, and of hustle culture.

I hope you enjoy When Jasmine Blooms! I’d love to talk about it more with you! Request a book club appearance here!

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