When Jasmine Blooms

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Published by: Lake Union
Release Date: April 11, 2023
Pages: 333
ISBN13: 978-1542038782


From USA Today bestselling author Tif Marcelo comes a timeless tale of motherhood inspired by Little Women about one woman’s grief, hope, and second chance with the daughter she lost.

It’s been two years since Celine lost her daughter Libby. Desperate to escape her grief, Celine throws herself into her work, determined to be the strong, capable woman the world believes her to be. But there’s no fooling her family.

A shocking intervention brings an impossible choice: confront her grief or risk losing the family she still has. Reeling, Celine wonders what her life would have been like if she’d chosen her first love instead of her husband and avoided this pain altogether.

Celine wakes the following day and is shocked to realize that what-if has become reality. She’s with her high school sweetheart, her daughters aren’t quite her daughters, and her home is being rented by the daughter she thought she’d lost forever.

As she reconnects with Libby in this parallel world, Celine is forced to face the problems in her real life: her unwillingness to move forward, the tension that’s always rocked her family, and the hard truth that not everything can be fixed by a mother’s love.

Content Guidance: Death of child, panic attacks, questioning reality.

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"What if we could change our destiny? What if we could forget all the heartache and choose a different path? WHEN JASMINE BLOOMS is the heartbreaking and powerful story of Celine who has the opportunity to start anew but starting anew and forgetting the grief also means forgetting all the great things in her life. Marcelo weaves a complicated tale of a mother's grief and love. It is so well written and touching you'll not be able to put it down. I highly recommend this gem!"

--Jeanette Escudero, author of Happyish

“Tif Marcelo writes women better than anyone! Readers will feel every crack of heartbreak, drop of joy, and slurry of confusion as Celine explores a poignant ‘What If.’ Beautiful, emotional, and triumphant, When Jasmine Blooms celebrates mothers, daughters, and how those we love are always a part of us.” -----Amy E. Reichert, author of Once Upon a December

“Tif Marcelo continues to delight fans by delivering emotional waves from start to finish of this new story. With relatable characters and intriguing settings, When Jasmine Blooms offers readers the perfect escape.”
--Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Perennials

"A love letter to Little Women and a healing journey through grief, wrapped into one: Tif Marcelo's WHEN JASMINE BLOOMS reads like a comforting, warm hug."
—Jessica Strawser, author of A MILLION REASONS WHY

"I’ve always longed for a novel that explores what would really happen if you woke up in the life you could have chosen, but didn't—and I finally found it in When Jasmine Blooms. A luminous and heart-wrenching story that explores the intersection of love and loss, Tif Marcelo’s latest is for every reader who has ever wondered ‘what if…?’ I just loved it.”
—Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Good for You

"Book after book, Tif Marcelo knows how to get to the heart of a story--I love her writing!"
--Karma Brown, #1 national bestselling author of RECIPE FOR A PERFECT WIFE