Podcast Submission Guidelines

The Stories to Love Podcast was a podcast created by Tif at a time when her inspiration was low. She sought creators, mostly authors, who she knew and admired and asked them to chat about what makes them “go.” It also gave her the opportunity to fangirl over the talent she’s surrounded with, because she’s a reader, first and foremost. But she, too, understands that there are so many books out there from fantastic authors she has yet to meet and fall in love with.  And she wants to be a part of the movement that cheers beautiful books.

The Stories to Love Podcast aims to produce at least two episodes per month that comprises a 30-45 minute interviews that discusses the book at the author’s process. Expect some fangirling and off the cuff questions.

Did you write or do you have a book to recommend written by an author who you think is a fit for Stories to Love? If so, please fill out the form below  Please understand that Tif is an author first and foremost, and the podcast is her passion project. Moreover, Tif wants to read the book before she speaks to the author, so time must be allotted for that, sometimes up to three months. Also, while she promises to take every book and author under consideration, because of timing, she may have to pass. Due to time constraints and the volume of emails, she may not be able to respond to all requests.

Tif’s favorite genres and categories:
Contemporary romance, contemporary “women’s” fiction, young adult contemporary (with romance in the storyline), domestic psychological thriller.

Tif’s preferred way to read is through a print copy. Priority will be given to those submissions.

**The Stories to Love Podcast is on hiatus until fall 2024 due to deadlines.**

Podcast Submission Form


On Sale April 23, 2024