Back from summer vacation, and getting ready for a wedding

As a kid, did you love your summer vacations?

I did. No school, no work, no assignments due. As a kid, it was the time I spent trucking books back and forth to the library. We had the kind of summers that were quiet and lazy and perfect.

But I equally love big beach vacations.

We headed to to California, and we drove up the coast, ending in Northern California where my parents live. It was a perfect combination of sun, sightseeing, and family.

Now that I’m back, I have a wedding to prepare for, though it’s not mine! It’s the Forevermore anthology, of which I have a short story in, called Win Your Love. I wanted to make sure I shared it, in prep for its release in October. At the moment, the preorder price is 1.99.

I hope you check it out!

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