Happy love day!

It is the month for romance. Though truly, every day should be days of romance and happily every afters.

I’m feeling extra chipper these days. I’m recovering from surgery, and my time in that surgical recover fog, and the months leading to the procedure is, at every second becoming history. Not that health is ever perfect, or that life with hereon be peachy, but that wins such as these, where there is a solution (hopefully long lasting) is a triumph and most of all, perspective making. 

It makes this Valentine’s Day even more special, because it’s another reminder that love is everywhere. It is in our romantic relationships, true, but also in our familial relationships, in our friendships, and in our self-care. We should celebrate all facets of love, don’t you think, and reach out to those who have touched us in some way. While others might bemoan this commercial holiday, to me, it’s a reminder to give credit to those who have really made our lives special. 

Life is too short. 

So, to you, dear reader, I love you! 

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