Know You by Heart

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Published by: Montlake
Release Date: April 5, 2022
Pages: 333
ISBN13: 978-1542034142


From the USA Today bestselling author of In a Book Club Far Away comes a delightful installment in the Heart Resort series about finding love that’s been right in front of you all along.

As the oldest child in his family, Chris Puso has always taken his responsibilities seriously. He’ll do whatever it takes to ensure Heart Resort’s success. Four and a half years ago, that meant marrying Eden, a woman he admired but didn’t love, to access a family trust that benefited them both.

Eden Puso, a.k.a. romance author Everly Heart, believes in true love—in her novels, at least. But her marriage to Chris was more about funding her writing career and supporting her family than finding her happily ever after. And despite their mutual attraction toward one another, they stayed loyal to the contract…for the most part.

With six months until the end of their contract and with their careers taking off, their marriage of convenience has become, well, a little inconvenient. A competing resort threatens to usurp Heart Resort, and Chris and Eden band together to preserve its reputation, including doing a retreat themselves. But as the retreat uncovers their history and their hidden love for one another, can their relationship survive so their partnership reaches its natural conclusion?

Content Guidance: Sex on page, curse words, death of parents

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“It’s a grounded take on a favorite trope that makes it incredibly easy to root for the protagonists’ romance.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Tif Marcelo repurposes tropes in a marvelous way that will touch your heart. If you think you know all there is to know about marriage-of-convenience stories, buckle up, Buttercup. You won’t want to miss this one!”
—Jennifer Bardsley, author of Sweet Bliss